Feast with Friends

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Palace Ballroom Seattle

Feast with Friends is Futurewise’s signature event pairing local farmers with top local chefs, restaurants and winemakers to highlight Washington’s rich agricultural and viticultural bounty - all the areas that Futurewise works to protect.

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Seeing the Better City

Sunday, October 23, 2016
Central Food Spokane

Join us for an interactive Spokane neighborhood tour and an evening talk on observing the urban form with land-use and environmental attorney and author Chuck Wolfe.

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June 2016 Seattle Comprehensive Plan Comment Letter

Read our comments on the most recent draft of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, which address issues of race and social equity, transportation and housing, growth strategy and more as informed by our expert team’s research, knowledge, and the recently released Health & Equity Assessment.

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Seattle Health and Equity Assessment

While the City as a whole may be thriving, certain populations and certain neighborhoods do not enjoy the prosperity and opportunity of others. Read our report to learn about differing access to things like jobs, housing, transportation, food, health services, and more across Seattle.

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Seattle Health and Equity Assessment: an Infographic

Check out some of the biggest changes in health and equity indicators among Seattleites since 2000.

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Our Vision

We all want to live in a great community – one where all people have access to jobs, housing and effective transportation; a place where people are healthy with clean air and water, safe streets and plenty of green spaces; a community where our unique places, cultural traditions, and critical natural resources are preserved and leveraged to ensure a better quality of life for everyone today and in the future.

Making the Vision a Reality

As the leading smart growth organization in Washington state, we work in three key program areas to develop solutions to the challenges faced by our communities. Through data analysis and research, Futurewise helps governments, businesses, non-profits, community organizations, and social service agencies identify and solve their communities’ toughest challenges. We listen and learn from the people who are most impacted by planning and policy decisions. We work with communities to develop and advocate for plans, policies and investments that create long-term impacts and achieve healthier outcomes. And we convene the right partners to make things happen and create real change.


See how the stories we tell today shape the story we live tomorrow.


Learn more about our organization with our 2016 Framework for the Future or dive deeper into our work with a look at the Lay of the Land Report

2016 Framework for the Future

Read our just published 'Framework for the Future', which lays out our vision for working with communities to develop and advocate for plans, policies and investments that create long-term impacts and achieve healthier outcomes


The Lay of the Land: King County's Stormwater Infrastructure

Futurewise coordinated with stormwater staff from all jurisdictions in King County, as well as development professionals, who provided their insights about the lay of the land of low impact development/green stormwater infrastructure (LID/GSI) and related issues in King County.

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