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Crimson Red Flakes Slime Color

Sunny Orange Slime Pigment Powder

Peppermint Slime Pigment Powder

Grape Purple Slime Pigment Powder

Lavender Hues Slime Color

Ruby Red Slime Pigment Powder

Ink Black Slime Pigment Powder

Cowabunga Color Changing Slime Pigment Powder

The most common addition to slime is a color. Your plain, DIY slime will most likely come out as clear or white, depending on your ingredients. But you’ll only see beautifully colored slimes all over the internet and Instagram. Color is one of the most important components of your slime. Especially when you are showing…
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Tropical Teal Slime Pigment Powder

Like the pigment! I expected to have a little more than what was in there. The only down side is that with the glow in the dark pigment for you to really see it you have to put it under a bright light to “charge”